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The Importance of Reading and
Having a School Library

  • Increased access to books is related to increased reading achievement (Krashen, 2004, 2010; Lance, 2004; Lindsay, 2010).

  • The school library is especially important as a source of books. The results of a survey of 40,000 teachers conducted by Scholastic, Inc., and the Gates Foundation showed that 83% of all students said they got books from the school library, compared to 38% from public libraries and 20% from retailers.

  • Higher quality school libraries correlate with higher scores on reading tests done at state, national, and international levels. Aspects of school library quality that relate to reading achievement include: the size of the collection, the presence of a credentialed librarian, and overall staffing. When children have access to books, they read them a lot, and when they read a lot, all aspects of literacy improve.

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Public Library Services

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Need Access to the Digital Public Library for Audiobooks and/or Ebooks (App available for Androids and iPhones)

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Our Collection

Second Floor
Academic Counseling Wing
by Main Stairwell

The only rule of the school library is that you make sure to sign out your book with Ms. Falcon or someone in the Academic Support Department.

This is an important piece of the process because it allows us to keep track of our books and ask for replacements if a book is damaged or lost. It also helps us keep track of how many students utilize the school library collection so we can buy more books when the time comes.

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Hello, I'm Ms. Falcon and I am the librarian on the side here at Saint Martin. Questions, comments or special requests? I'd love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

6202 St Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH 44103, USA

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